The Red Eye, a day in NYC then….JOOOORRRDAAAANNNN (said like Oprah)

Edmer’s Blog:
I believe I had a total of 3 hours of sleep since we left San Francisco Sunday night, had the 12 hour layover in New York and the 11 hour flight to Amman. I finally slept Tuesday night at 11:30pm in the Jordanian time zone. This trip is important to me for two reasons. One, this would be my first trip to another country since moving to the U.S. in November 1984- I was 4yrs old. Two, this is my first dance perforamance in another country- I’m 31 now. I could NOT believe all of this was coming to fruition until we finally landed in Amman. Immediately after leaving the plane, a man started asking for my passport. I was puzzled as to why I needed to relinquish my passport to this complete stranger until I finally realized he was connected with the Amman Contemporary Dance Festival. His name was Ahmed. He got us through the lines pretty quickly and onto our hotel- The Arena Space Hotel. We were served “Tang” upon arrival to the hotel as our welcome refreshment. How could we say no??? The Jordanian people are very hospitable. So, the first thing I do at the hotel after 3 hours of sleep is go the gym to lift weights and do my aerobic exercise…pretty craaazzyyy.


~ by ninahaftandcompany on April 21, 2010.

One Response to “The Red Eye, a day in NYC then….JOOOORRRDAAAANNNN (said like Oprah)”

  1. Go Edmer, Go! Go Nina Haft Dancers, Go! Hmmm – sounds like a 1st grade reader. So proud of you guys. Can’t wait to hear details of the festival. Hope y’all get enuf R&R to accommodate your busy performance schedule. Exciting, wonderful. Sending you all love and light! xxxooo – Ann

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