day 3, or is it day 4?

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This is the second morning waking up in our hotel, but we have 4 days of travel together under our dance belts now. One performance down, 5 to go? The number is nebulous, since we have formal concerts and informal showings scheduled. We started the day off being picked up at the ungoldly hour of 8am today for a 10am matinee. At the moment we’re on break, counting down the minutes until we get to eat hummous for the second time today (yum!!–no irony intended). Then, we go back to the theater for our second performance of the day. Outside, the call to prayer winds like a river until it touches our ears. A single voice, no instruments, just devotion and guidance. Pause now, it says. Remember why you’re here. It’s mesmerizing every time. I can’t help but wonder though, what happens to the hotel attendant who’s getting orange juice for his guest? Does he save a prayer until his long line of French, American and Thai tourists has dissipated in satisfaction? Or does he send a quick multi-tasked one to allah in his mind in between handing out clean towels and teaching westerners how to say hello in Arabic?


~ by ninahaftandcompany on April 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “day 3, or is it day 4?”

  1. your poetry is beautiful

  2. i love the commentary

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