Nina Haft & Co. and FEDM premiere this.placed

Nina Haft & Sue Li Jue premiere this.placed, an evening of dances about what the body remembers. ODC Theater (3153 17th Street in San Francisco) – March 2 at 8p, March 3 at 3p and 8p, and March 4 at 3p. See below for a Directors’ Statement and a list of the wonderful artists we are collaborating with on the show. We hope to see you there!


Nina Haft & Co. Dancers Peiling Kao and Sarah Keeney in this.placed. Photo: Pak Han

Choreography: Nina Haft and Sue Li Jue, with the dancers; Scenic Design: Lauren Elder; Video: Ian Winters; Music & Sound: Matt Payne; Lighting Design: Tony Shayne; Costume Design: Keriann Egeland; Text: Britta Austin; Dramaturgical Assistance: Rebecca Novick.

Dancers: Masataka Aita, Josie Alvite, Lisa Bush, Claire Calalo, CSUEB Dance Touring Company, Nhan Ho, Corissa Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Peiling Kao, Sarah Keeney, Carol Kueffer, Edmer Lazaro, Jill Randall, Frances Sedayao, Linnea Snyderman and Amanda Whitehead.

From the Directors of this.placed:


When Sue and I first talked about sharing a show, we each had something in mind for a ‘next project.’ I wanted to dive headlong into the writings of local author Britta Austin, whose work sparked my appetite for composing in short form. Britta’s deeply embodied words literally ripped my senses, fears and desires right out onto the studio floor.

Coming into this project with Nina I knew I wanted to restage a recent work, one inspired by orphan girls in China who turn to each other to create family. This vision expanded into a suite of short works about the undeniable and emotional memory of the body. Discussions with Nina were so engaging, and the prospects — exciting. I knew the partnership would be one of both professional and personal growth.

Pretty soon we both realized that we were both making work about place, the formative places where we are born, tested, transformed and rooted. These places still live inside our bodies and shape everything about us. We created this.placed by sharing a common lens, and by cheering each other on through all that happened next. We also shared months of showings, feedback, conversation, design meetings and good council from our advisors. It really does take a village to make a show, and we could not have done this without each one of our dancers, supporters and collaborators. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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