Dancing in the streets with friends….


NH&Co. dancers Christy Thomas, Frances Sedayao and Carol Kueffer

Friday, September 16 is Park[ing] Day 2011, and this year we have some wonderful guest artists joining us for our first ever Parking Day Dance Festival!

11:00 – 11:30a  Berkeley High School Dance Production Class

12:15 – 12:45p   Nina Haft & Co., MEnD Dance Co., for change dance collective and Justin Sharlman

12:45-1:10p         Berkeley High School Advanced Dance Class

4:45 – 5:15p is Aoife Anderson, Nina Haft & Company, Antoine Hunter, Frances Sedayao, Alisa Rasera and Lisa Bush (Michael Moran on keyboards) and Aoife Anderson again with her dad Matt Anderson (bagpipes!)

Join us at 2201 Shattuck Avenue at Allston Way in Berkeley to see some great free dance, or just to sit and hang out with us in our park…..

Park[ing] Day is a world-wide public art event created by Rebar, an SF design group that helps people to rethink public space.  For more info on this great event, visit http://parkingday.org/

As registered participants, we’ll be building a park in some parking spaces (with ‘rent’ paid in full, of course) while others do the same all over the planet. Park[ing] Day is FREE and open to the public. Ours is co-sponsored by the City of Berkeley Department of Public Works, City of Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center and Berkeley High School’s Arts and Humanities Academy Program.


Rebecca Johnson in Debris Flows

Saturday, September 24 we join a fabulous roster of dance artists for the Central Market Arts Festival. Come see Nina Haft & Company at 1:10pm at Mint Plaza in SF. We’ll be showing debris flows, a rousing quartet about mudslides, danced by Rebecca Johnson, Juliana Monin, Mo Miner and Christy Thomas. Enjoy music, food and festivities at this kickoff to the festival. For more info: http://centralmarketarts.org/

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